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What is Gospel Music

Size : 15.66 MB | Duration ::11:24

Find out more about the history of Gospel music, and how it is performed, in this Jazz Academy...

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The Roots of Gospel Music, Part One

Size : 13.34 MB | Duration ::09:43

Master pianist Eric Reed discusses and plays the roots and origins of Gospel Music in this...

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#90: Old School Gospel vs New School Gospel - Is There A difference

Size : 44.93 MB | Duration ::32:43

Have you ever heard people talk about "Old School Gospel" and "New School Gospel" and think,...

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దేవుని లక్షణములు | Characteristics of God | Pastor Brenham | Grace Gospel Ministries

Size : 78.44 MB | Duration ::57:07

Credits: Message by Pastor Isaac Brenham Pedapati Audio & Video Live Recorded : Grace Digital...

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What Makes Black Gospel Musicians So Skilled (feat. Donald Lawrence and Tye Tribbett)

Size : 21.9 MB | Duration ::15:57

The black church is a musical bootcamp. Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Anderson .Paak all found their...

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Easy Gospel Sound & Chord Progression!

Size : 15.4 MB | Duration ::11:13

In this video, we'll learn the ii-v-i ("2 - 5 - 1) chord progression. Then we will add 7th and...

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Gospel Voice Technique 🎤Tips and exercises for singers 🎤

Size : 15.47 MB | Duration ::11:16

Gospel singers possess impressive vocal power and voice technique. How can singers who have not...

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Eric Ludy - He is (The Names of God) – (Return of Majesty Trilogy)

Size : 15.38 MB | Duration ::11:12

» He Is (The Names of God) is a part of the "Return of Majesty" trilogy of short films produced...

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History and performance of Negro Spiritual and Gospel music - with baritone Jermaine Woodard Jr.!

Size : 78.62 MB | Duration ::57:15

Join Christine Gevert for a conversation with baritone Jermaine Woodard Jr. all about gospel...

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Gospel (D Harvey)

Size : 40.95 MB | Duration ::29:49

Online gospel from Dan Harvey delivered Sunday, December 27, 2020

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How James Brown Invented Funk

Size : 11.47 MB | Duration ::08:21

James Brown invented funk music, but what is it about James Brown's music that makes it sound so...

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Size : 26.92 MB | Duration ::19:36

CHARACTERISTICS OF A MINISTER 1. TENACITY:- (to be Persistent, Determined) Gen 32:24-30 Rom...

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Nena Lockhart: The Origins of Gospel Music - Biola University Chapel

Size : 62.64 MB | Duration ::45:37

Chapel from October 23, 2014

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5 Characteristics of Gospel Effectiveness (Acts 11:19-30)

Size : 18.63 MB | Duration ::13:34

Pastor Travis continues through the Book of Acts with the Trail family...

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What Makes a Good Worship Leader

Size : 7.53 MB | Duration ::05:29

What characteristics make a good worship leader? New praise and worship music playlists uploaded...

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Is Blues the Mother of All Modern Music

Size : 16.09 MB | Duration ::11:43

We explore where the blues came from and how it went on to influence many modern genres of music....

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Elvis Best Gospel

Size : 5.56 MB | Duration ::04:03

Elvis Best Gospel

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What is Sound | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Size : 5.36 MB | Duration ::03:54

Hey kids! Doesn't it get annoying when someone calls you but you don't hear it ringing because of...

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Kim McCann Discussing Gospel Music Arts

Size : 1.14 MB | Duration ::00:50

Kim McCann discusses the characteristics of Diane and Mildred and their ministry.

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Characteristics of the Godly | Father's Day 2018

Size : 71.89 MB | Duration ::52:21

11:30am Service #clcftl

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2021.02.14 The Gospel of John: What are Characteristics of Real Love

Size : 31.04 MB | Duration ::22:36

Pastor Joshua van Gorkom

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Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace (Official Video)

Size : 6.94 MB | Duration ::05:03

Music video by Celtic Woman performing Amazing Grace. #CelticWoman #AmazingGrace #Vevo

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Gospel Storying with Dr. Bruce Carlton

Size : 1.63 MB | Duration ::01:11

Learn how to share the message of Christ with Gospel Storying! This class begins on Sunday,...

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Gospel Legend, Yolanda Adams, Teaches How To Sing Better Instantly | Soul Train Awards '19

Size : 13 MB | Duration ::09:28

Ever wanted to learn how to sing from one of the greatest? Watch as Lady Of Soul Honoree, Yolanda...

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Christlike Attributes

Size : 3.98 MB | Duration ::02:54

The attributes of Christ depicted in scenes from His life. SUBSCRIBE to the Youth Channel of The...

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