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You can now sing Happy Birthday copyright free

Size : 4.69 MB | Duration ::03:25

It is perhaps the most famous song in the world, sung by nearly everyone, at least, once a year....

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'Happy Birthday' in Not-so-happy Lawsuit!

Size : 5.97 MB | Duration ::04:21

We all know and love the Happy Birthday song, but it is true use of the song is legally...

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Can You Be Sued For Singing Happy Birthday| Hogan & Hogan

Size : 3.41 MB | Duration ::02:29

Do you have any legal questions you would like for us to address? At Hogan & Hogan we work to...

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Judge Rules Copyrighted 'Happy Birthday' Song Is Public Domain

Size : 1.4 MB | Duration ::01:01

For years, the “Happy Birthday To You” song copyright belonged to music giant Warner. They...

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Nicki Minaj Sued

Size : 31.2 MB | Duration ::22:43

Nicki Minaj is being sued by Tracy Chapman for allegedly stealing her song. Earlier this year,...

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Ryan ToysReview's Mother Is A Convicted Criminal

Size : 5.72 MB | Duration ::04:10

Ryan ToysReview's Mother Is A Convicted Criminal Subscribe To InformOverload: ...

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'Happy Birthday!' Lawsuit Frees Song For Public Use

Size : 5.58 MB | Duration ::04:04

“Happy Birthday” will soon be available to the public after music publisher Warner/Chappell...

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Happy Birthday To You | Beginner Banjo Lesson With Tab

Size : 15.54 MB | Duration ::11:19

Get this free lesson by signing up for the basic membership and get access to dozens of...

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The Story Behind the Happy Birthday Song

Size : 2.93 MB | Duration ::02:08

A rare manuscript version of “Good Morning to You” - the tune that eventually became “Happy...

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The Office Joke That Cost NBC $60,000

Size : 5.49 MB | Duration ::04:00

Not all jokes are created equal, and some come with a price tag to prove it. In the American...

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YouTube Copyright School

Size : 6.39 MB | Duration ::04:39

Russell learns some valuable lessons about copyright.

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happy birthday lawsuit Jerry

Size : 16.82 MB | Duration ::12:15

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Happy Birthday to You - SOPRANO

Size : 1.95 MB | Duration ::01:25

"Happy Birthday to You", also known as "Happy Birthday", is a song traditionally sung to...

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Jewish Music Toronto does THE Happy Birthday Song in Hebrew

Size : 9.45 MB | Duration ::06:53

I'm slowly getting back into the flow of things, so I decided to come back with something a...

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Lawyers argue Happy Birthday should be public domain

Size : 1.65 MB | Duration ::01:12

Lawyers fighting a class-action lawsuit say they have new proof that the popular tune "Happy...

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Ciara sings 'Happy Birthday' to son Win moments after giving birth

Size : 1.35 MB | Duration ::00:59

Win Harrison Wilson weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce.

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Update to the Happy Birthday Lawsuit: This Week in Law 269

Size : 11.35 MB | Duration ::08:16

Denise Howell, Franklin Graves, Jack Lerner and Adam Sanderson discuss the copyright case of...

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Bank of Cardiff Reviews - Warner Chappell loses Happy Birthday lawsuit

Size : 4.53 MB | Duration ::03:18 Music publisher...

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8UBBLES | The Trial Begins (Because He's Getting Sued)

Size : 632.81 kB | Duration ::00:27

8UBBLES | The Trial Begins (Because He's Getting Sued) LISTEN TO 8UBBLES "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U" ...

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Happy Birthday Song Copyright

Size : 3.14 MB | Duration ::02:17

In Sports Night Dan Rydell (Josh Charles) finds out that the song Happy Birthday is copyrighted...

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Size : 1.42 MB | Duration ::01:02

Happy Birthday to You", more commonly known as simply "Happy Birthday", is a song that is...

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No More RIAA Lawsuits Against Online Music Sharing & Warner Music Won't Renew Contract

Size : 2.84 MB | Duration ::02:04

The Recording Industry Association of America, also known as the RIAA, announced recently that...

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Happy Birthday Rhett!

Size : 14.99 MB | Duration ::10:55

It's time for Rhett to open his birthday gifts. GMM 303! Good Mythical MORE: ...

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Happy Birthday Lawsuit - Free Talk Live 2014-07-28

Size : 4.67 MB | Duration ::03:24

Liberty Bits from Free Talk Live. For the best in liberty talk catch Free Talk Live every night...

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Happy Birthday to You - ALTO

Size : 1.92 MB | Duration ::01:24

"Happy Birthday to You", also known as "Happy Birthday", is a song traditionally sung to...

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